Amy Roloff's Latest Product Post Is Getting Fans Heated With Each Other

Amy Roloff's social media posts always tend to bring out the trolls, but the latest controversy brewing in her comments is a bit different. The Little People, Big World matriarch shared a simple enough photo, but it still stirred up some rude comments.

She shared an Instagram photo promoting her Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen banana and pumpkin breads, and someone quickly chimed in with unsupported allegations that her products made people sick using some rude insults.

However, fans hit back against the commenter and laid down some harsh judgement.

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"Nothing wrong with YOU deciding not to order from her," Angela Catron wrote. "Nothing wrong with sharing your opinion but to use immature words speaks a lot of your character, therefore most intelligent people would not take you seriously."

The hater quickly hit responded and lashed out at the "sheep" in Roloff's fan base.

"My original post had no 'immature' words, as classifying her as heartless for turning a blind eye to customers whom have become sick is accurate," the detractor claimed. "Then immediately someone comes in complaining about my post, so I told her to be thankful I did not just post an anger [and] vitriol filled tirade from the get go! The sheep on this page won't take anyone who isn't posting positive thoughts towards Miss [Amy] serious anyways."

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Another fan soon jumped on the hater quickly hit back, writing, "Did you ever hear if you can't say something nice don't say it at all?? [By the way,] love her banana bread."

See the original bread photo below.