Amanda Knox Blasts Lady Gaga's Tweet About 'Prison', and Social Media Chimes In

Amanda Knox had one problem with Lady Gaga's latest viral tweet. The "Shallow" singer took to Twitter Thursday to share yet another random through as fans await new of her upcoming sixth studio album. She shared a short comment on fame that left many to speculate the context behind the cryptic message.

"Fame is prison," Gaga wrote on the social media platform, with the message quickly going viral.

Knox, who is knowing for spending four year sin prison for the 2007 murder of her roommate before she was acquitted, was one of many public figures and fans who responded to Gaga's message. However, Knox chose to call out the singer for her comment.

Twitter users swarmed Knox's tweet with mixed responses, some agreeing with her sentiments and praising her for speaking out.

"I was going to just scroll by until I noticed who posted this," one user commented.

"And all the boomers agreeing and acting like it was the best thing anyone's ever said in the replies LMAO," another user wrote.

"And in some cases, prison is fame," another user wrote, bringing up Knox's notoriety.

"I love Mother Monster...but that retweet though," another shocked Twitter user commented.

"Hello, I would like to report a transaction. Lady Gaga has just been owned," another user wrote.

Knox gained infamy in 2007 when she and then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty of murdering her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher, during an alleged drunken assault. Kercher was found stabbed in their apartment in Italy. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison, served four years, but was then found not guilty in 2011 following an appeal.

Italy's top court later overturned the acquittal, ordered a retrial and upheld the murder convictions. After more appeals process, the court acquitted both Knox and Sollecito again in 2015 due to insufficient evidence.


Knox made headlines earlier this year when she announced her wedding to longtime boyfriend Christopher Robinson. She has since returned to Italy for the first time since her incarceration to participate in a criminal justice panel discussion, E! News reported.

Gaga has been making headlines lately with her random tweets. The singer caught the attention of the gaming community after she asked who Ninja was in a tweet. The message led some to believe she could be headed to a performance in the online game Fortnite.