Alyssa Milano Says 'Voting Is How We Protect Each Other' Ahead of 'Telethon for America' (Exclusive)

The time is here. With the 2020 presidential election on Tuesday, last-minute voters are being encouraged to get out to the polls and lock in their ballot. Actress Alyssa Milano is doing her part to help get more people to vote ahead of the Telethon for America — the first-ever telethon that is not raising money — an event for which she is the executive producer.

In an exclusive interview with, Milano explains the significance of voting and stresses the importance of the democratic process. "The message that we want to convey is that democracy doesn't work unless you participate in it. It is not a spectator sport, we need to all be active participants," the mom of two stresses. "We're hoping that we can help the turnout, I think we're gonna see a record turnout regardless, but if we can contribute to that, then that's something I'm super proud to be apart of."

She further explained that the voting process should be a "joyful enterprise" and "we're gonna make it such." Telethon for America is hoping to create the biggest voter turnout in history and combat voter suppression and disinformation. The event is presented by the non-partisan, anti-corruption organization RepresentUs. "Voting is how we protect each other. It's how we protect the most vulnerable among us. It's how we protect the people closest to the pain. So if we look at it as a gesture of service, to not only our friends and family, not only to our communities, and to protect rights, but also a service to our country," Milano details when asked what advice she would give any voters who are unsure if they even want to participate this year or not.

The event will have a slew of A-list celebrity guests including Alicia Keys, Orlando Bloom, Debra Messing, Ed Helms, Dennis Quaid, Tanya Tucker, Monica Lewinsky, Josh Gad, Olivia Munn and more. Hosts Rosario Dawson and Ben Gleib will also join Milano and their long lineup to help give their viewers entertainment and a few laughs, but most importantly, important information while encouraging people to participate in the voting process on Nov. 3.

"Your voice needs to be heard, and it's important that we look at voting as a civic duty and not a burden," Milano said. "Truly, the only way democracy does thrive is through the votes of the people. The people pick the president." There's been hesitancy on both the Democratic and Republican sides, with celebrities already talking about how to approach life in the coming days if their candidate doesn't win, out of fear violence will erupt. Milano says what we need to focus on rather, is whether the "democratic process" is being fulfilled properly.


"I think that we need to not worry whether or not our candidate is going to win and more so worry that the democratic process is sacred and held up through the next week," she says.

The Telethon for America will air Monday evening at 8 p.m. CT on Free SpeechTV, along with a live broadcast from, and on the social media platforms of RepresentUs. It is free and open to the public, instead of donations, Telethon for America asks viewers to pledge to cast their votes on Tuesday.