Alyssa Milano and Glenn Beck Trade Words on Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations

Glenn Beck and Alyssa Milano have entered into a confusing exchange on Twitter, where they are discussing the allegations of sexual assault facing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Milano has been on a crusade on social media recently, taking aim at the officials who are trying to rush Kavanaugh's appointment. She has stated her unequivocal belief of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Kavnaugh of sexual assault, and jumped behind the latest evolution of the Me Too Movement — #WhyIDidntReport. On Saturday, her tweets drew the attention of right-leaning political commentator Glenn Beck, who quoted her own tweet within his own.

"I ask this w/ all sincerity and do not wish a fight as I want bad guys to go to jail and my daughters never to face this," Beck wrote. "But I also do not want my son or my dters 2live in a world w/out reason or evidence, that world is Y many innocent blacks have gone to prison."

While Beck's tweet did not contain a question, Milano answered first with a link to an article she wrote for Harper's Bazaar last week. In it, she decried Republican lawmakers for what she saw as a "war on women," thanks in large part to their unanimous refusal to sponsor the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2018. After that, she quoted Beck's tweet in another of her own.

"So, @glennbeck - you want prison reform and an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh as well? she asked. "Starting to sound a lot like a progressive. Welcome to the resistance!"

Beck was not pleased with her response, implying that Milano's tweets lacked nuance and precision.

"Why respond to a sincere inquiry with a red meat response?" he wrote. "I do think prison reform is needed and have for many years. Please respond sincerely, I am for or against Kavanaugh, I am for the truth, true justice and decency. If the roles were reversed would you reverse too?"

Many fans pointed out to both Beck and Milano that Twitter may not be the ideal place for two disparate sides to seek common ground. The platform's character limit and public atmosphere makes it difficult to have an in-depth conversation.


However, the exchange reminded many of the strange journey Beck has been on since the 2016 election. For many years, Beck was a Fox News host known for his staunch conservatism and aversion to political correctness. In recent months, some of his tweets have mirrored the views of left-leaning pundits, leading many besides Milano to "welcome" him to "the resistance."

These days, Beck has apparently returned to his old ways, appearing in public with a "Make America Great Again" hat and supporting the president's bid for re-election in 2020.