Adele Has Blunt Message for Concertgoers If They Throw Objects Onstage at Her: 'I'll Kill You'

Adele is not playing around when it comes to the recent rash of concertgoers throwing things at performers on stage. The "Easy on Me" singer, who was performing one of her Weekends with Adele shows at The Colosseum at Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas, called out concertgoers who are "forgetting" how to behave after Bebe Rexha, Ava Max and Kelsea Ballerini were all hit in the face recently while performing.

"Have you noticed how people are forgetting f-ing show etiquette at the moment?" she asked, according to a fan-filmed video. "People are throwing s- on stage. Have you seen that?" She joked, "I f-ing dare you – I dare you throw something at me. I'll f-ing kill you." Adele, who was at the time using a T-shirt cannon to fire merchandise into the crowd, acknowledged with a laugh, "Stop throwing things at the artist, but you can shoot things at people. It's a total reverse. I've gotta go back over and give my T-shirt gun back." She continued, "These people have lost it. Can you imagine?"

Last week, Ballerini was performing at Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, Idaho when she was hit in the face with a bracelet thrown from the crowd. The "If You Go Down (I'm Goin' Down Too)" singer quickly turned from the crowd before leaving the stage for a short break, returning with a message for her fans. "Can we just talk about what happened?" she asked. "All I care about is keeping everyone safe. If you ever don't feel safe, please let someone around you know. If anyone's pushing too much or you just have that gut feeling, just always flag it. Don't throw things. You know?"

Ballerini posted on her Instagram Story the next day, "Hi. I'm fine. Someone threw a bracelet, it hit me in the eye, and it more so just scared me than hurt me. We all have triggers and layers of fears way deeper than what is shown, and that's why I walked offstage to calm down and make sure myself, band and crew and the crowd all felt safe to continue."

Rexha was more seriously injured after a cell phone hit her in the head and knocked her to the ground while she was performing in New York City last month. The "I'm Good (Blue)" singer required stitches after having her eyebrow split open, and crowd member Nicolas Malvanga, who threw the phone, was arrested on two counts of third-degree assault,  second-degree aggravated harassment, third-degree attempted assault and second-degree harassment.

Max was also physically assaulted during a Los Angeles performance at the Fonda Theatre last month when a crowd member stormed the stage and slapped her in the face. "He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He's never coming to a show again," Max wrote on Twitter later. "Thank you to the fans for being spectacular tonight in LA though!!"