Adam Levine Is Totally Unrecognizable in 21 Savage Halloween Costume

Adam Levine went all-out for his 2020 Halloween costume, donning an ensemble that makes him look like rapper 21 Savage. Levine, 40, wears a bunch of chains, a sweatsuit and a black wig that that make barely recognizable. It's pretty hard to even figure out what exactly the former Voice coach is dressed as. However, the tell is the upside down cross on his forehead. That mark is seemingly meant to mirror the "No Heart" and "Bank Account" rapper's knife tattoo in the same spot, which mimics a cross.

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it was a jam your base into the amp, throw the drums over the stage type of night🖤🖤🖤

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The best look at the outfit came from Levin's half-brother Sam. He attended Levine's highly publicized Halloween party with the rockstar and his model wife, Behati Prinsloo, among others. Sam revealed a photo posing alongside the couple, with Levine snarling as he shows off the costume.

Fans seemed to love the trio's costumes, although some did not know what to make of Levine's attire.

"Who's Adam supposed to be?" one commenter asked.

Another wrote, "Love the costumes!"


Prinsloo also shared a group shot from the night's festivities that also included a glimpse at her husband's costume.

Fans loved this shot, as well, and took to the comments to compliment Levine and Prinsloo, who was dressed as Romy White from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

"Dyingggggg it's so good, an admirer fawned.

Another fan wrote, "I almost didn't recognize Adam Levine."


A third fan joked, "I didn't recognize my own boyfriend [Adam Levine] [laugh out loud]."

Levine himself has not posted about the costume just yet, but he did have quite a busy night. He performed alongside rapper Vic Mensa at the Halloween bash, as the pair performed covers of Rage Against the Machine songs. The set seemed to go well, as footage of the pair performing the rock band's 1992 song "Killing in the Name" shows.