Actor Busted for Cocaine, Caught by His Own Camera

Former actor Sokol Ajazi has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking last month, and [...]

Former actor Sokol Ajazi has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking last month, and footage from his own dashcam is being used by the prosecution. Ajazi was observed moving large amounts of cocaine by detectives, who searched his car and found not only the drugs but incriminating evidence as well. The actor is known for movies like The Contract, Mercenaries and Una.

Police arrested Ajazi on April 1 in north London, England with driver Eduart Hadjini, according to a report by Express. They found about a kilogram of cocaine concealed in a hidden compartment of the car, which Hadjini confirmed usually needed a discrete series of commands to access. A National Crime Agency (NCA) spokesperson said: "Using a crowbar, they accessed a special compartment concealed within the rear seats, which was found to contain the plastic bag. Inside it was a kilogram of cocaine."

Investigators searched Ajazi's vehicle, which was parked nearby, and found another half kilogram of cocaine along with £2,000 in cash — just over $2,800 in the U.S. It was there that they realized Ajazi had a dashcam, which turned out to serve them much better than it will serve him in this case.

"Footage recovered from Ajazi's dashcam showed that he had collected the plastic bag from a garage in Mintern Close, Enfield, earlier on the day that he was caught passing it to Hadjini," the NCA said. "Officers searched the garage, seizing three kilos more of cocaine. The combined 4½kg of the drug recovered during the OCP operation could have fetched £360,000 if sold on UK streets."

Hadjini faced more charges than the actor because he was observed making two other exchanges previously. Both men were charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs. They both pleaded guilty the day after their arrest.

Both appeared in court this week where they were sentenced for their crimes. Hadjini will serve 3 years, 10 months in prison and Ajazi will serve 5 years, 2 months. Law enforcement specialist Mat McMillan told reporters: "These men were seeking to make money through the cocaine trade, which directly drives violence and intimidation in London and around the country. The [Organised Crime Partnership] works continuously to disrupt the supply of illegal drugs and hold those behind it to account. We are determined to keep people safe from criminality that brings fear to our communities."

Ajazi will remain in prison until late in this decade. Although he has not worked in Hollywood since 2016, this charge seems to dampen his chances of being cast more than ever.