Aaron Carter Slams Critics Over Drug Accusations

Aaron Carter is hitting back after online trolls accused him of using drugs. On Wednesday, the "Hard to Love" singer shared a video to Instagram showing off his face tattoos and a half-up, half-down ponytail as he enjoyed a little music. Although there was nothing inherently wrong or concerning about the post, several people took to the comments section accuse him of being addicted to various drugs, something that Carter strongly denied.

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"Huffing a lot I see," wrote one commenter.

"that's absolutely uncalled for," Carter responded. "I just don't understand why you're group of people trying to create a narrative continues I mean, do you have jobs? Or are you being PAID to f– w my name."

"You're a crackhead," accused another, prompting the singer to immediately fire back again.

"that's defemation (sic) of character, considering I've never done that," he wrote. "I'm an honest human being. I hope you understand. Thank you. Its not right."

"Crack crack crack," wrote another in a comment that Carter did not reply to.

In recent months, Carter, who has claimed that his struggles with addiction began after he broke his jaw several years back, has been shrouded in similar accusations, many prompted by erratic behavior the drama surrounding his relationship with his brother and sister.

Just last month, police were called to his home after Carter fell asleep during an Instagram livestream, prompting several concerned fans to believe that he had overdosed. Responding officers stormed the home, kicking down his door when they received no response, only to discover Carter asleep on his room.

Just months earlier, in October, the singer hit back at drug accusations after an outlet published a story suggesting that a "suspicious white line" that had been in a video he uploaded could have been drugs. In two videos shared to his Instagram account, Carter documented himself taking a drug test, the results coming up negative for amphetamines, cocaine, MDMA, meth, opiates, and PCP, THC being the only thing Carter tested positive for.

"There's a lot of truth about fake news and by attacking celebrities its terrible. I'm fighting back and that makes me stronger than most. Don't ever question me again," he captioned one of the videos. "it's not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be."


Despite the accusations, Carter seems to be moving on and happy with his life, even recently revealing that he has a new girlfriend in Melanie Martin.