Aaron Carter Reveals Blending Prescription Drugs Was Like Playing 'Russian Roulette'

Aaron Carter has been making headlines the last several months for his uncanny behavior on social media and now he's getting candid with viewers on an episode of E! True Hollywood Story. Carter, who's had a drug issues for several years, is opening up about specific prescription drugs he use to take, admitting that it was like playing "Russian Roulette" because of the combination of types of pills he would take at one time. The interview also features an anesthesiologist who reveals just how dangerous mixing specific drugs together can be.

"I can't sit here and say that I haven't played Russian Roulette, because I have," Carter admits in the clip.

"It could kill you," he adds before listing a number of prescription drugs he was taking, saying, "Was I taking oxycodones? Yes, I was. Was I taking Xanax? Yes, I was."

The 31-year-old confessed that when he was first introduced to these types of drugs, he didn't even know what they would do or what they were for.

Dr. Faye Jamali, an anesthesiologist, reveals just how lethal combining certain drugs can be, saying, "When you combine all those drugs, one plus one does not equal two. One plus one equals ten thousand. Together, they're much more powerful."

Not only has Carter struggled with his addiction, but recently, he and his brother and boy-bander Nick Carter haven't been on good terms. The Backstreet Boys member took to social media to reveal to fans that he and his wife Lauren Kitt filed a restraining order against his littler brother after threats Carter made towards Kitt and her youngest child, who at the time was still pregnant with their youngest child.

After that, Carter went on a Tweeting spree about his brother before eventually tapping out on the public family feud. In the midst of it all, Carter showed off a few guns he owned and fans quickly became concerned on whether he should be owning an automatic weapon considering his mental health. He then returned the guns but it's unclear on whether he went back to buy more.


Carter then got a face tattoo and expressed his dislike for America and President Donald Trump and that he would be moving to Canada to get away from it all. Now, Carter seems to be defending his mother Jane Carter who has been battling with an alcohol addiction the last several years. The most recent post on his Instagram features a conversation between he and his mom as he warns fans that they should not have attacked her the way they did.