Photos of Aaron Carter's DUI Arrest Surface, Singer Threatens to Sue Police

Aaron Carter's recent DUI arrest is only getting more complicated as time goes on.

The singer was arrested at an AutoZone in Georgia over the weekend for driving under the influence and marijuana possession. According to Carter however, he shouldn't have been picked up for the DUI because the police never saw him behind the wheel of a car.

Aaron Carter Claims He Was Arrested Because Of His Celebrity Status

While promoting his latest single, Carter was driving through Georgia and noticed that his alignment was off. He stopped to have it fixed and the police arrested him at the AutoZone store. Carter then refused a breathalyzer and urine or blood testing to determine if he was intoxicated.

Believing he was only arrested for being a celebrity, Carter is threatening to sue the Habsersham County police department.

Aaron Carter Makes Surprising Claim Days Before His DUI Arrest

TMZ has released a couple of photos from the event, showing Carter being handcuffed in the AutoZone parking lot. One of the photos shows an officer going through Carter's girlfriend's purse.


Carter's rep states that there is surveillance footage from the parking lot that will go a long way to proving that he was wrongfully arrested. Between that footage, and the new photos, sources say that Carter is considering a lawsuit.