Giuliana Rancic Teases Her Family's Return to the Spotlight

For seven seasons of reality TV, Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill laid bare the personal details of their lives, from life as newlyweds to their journey becoming parents of son Duke.

And while Giuliana and Bill may have aired its final episode in 2014, Rancic told exclusively that she and her husband are considering a return to the spotlight.

"We talked about [returning to reality TV] here and there, and there's some interesting opportunities regarding new platforms," she told PopCulture. "We definitely felt like when the show came to the end, it was the perfect time."

But with their son Duke coming into his own at age 5, having changed so much from the first year of life viewers were able to watch on TV, Rancic is reconsidering taking that step back.

"We kind of needed [a break from reality TV filming]. But now that he's older, he's so funny. He's just like a little boy now, such a little character," she told PopCulture.

The tot even has a taste for his own reality show, Rancic revealed, adding that her son regularly asks to watch himself as a baby on episodes of the show that remain On Demand. Returning to the show years later is definitely interesting for the now-seasoned parents, Rancic said.

“I get to kind of see how I was as a parent," she told PopCulture. "I was nervous and didn’t know what I was doing and trying to figure it all out. I'm definitely a little different now. ... I think the most important thing is just showering Duke with a lot of love and keeping him safe and teaching him to be polite and be a good soul.”

It's this focus on family that prompted Rancic to team up with The Incredible Egg and Disney's Incredibles 2, which premieres everywhere on June 15.

As part of a fun way to incorporate the super food of eggs with one of the summer's hottest releases, The Incredible Egg put together a quiz to pair people's personalities with an Incredibles 2 character and a delicious recipe based on the movie.

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(Photo: Bill Rancic)

Rancic revealed that she got Edna's Eggs when taking the quiz, and that all of the recipes have been embraced by her family as part of a healthy and fun lifestyle.

"People know that eggs are nutritional and they have so much of that really great protein," she told PopCulture. "There's a temptation to make the quickest thing for kids, but you have to carve out that time to make really quality nutritional meals for your family."

Duke, she said, is "actually a really good eater" when it comes to trying all kinds of food, which Rancic attributes to keeping him involved in what goes on in the kitchen.

"I think part of the reason he's not picky and he tries food is because we involve him," Rancic told PopCulture, adding that the little boy has even helped put together some of the Incredibles 2 recipes while wearing a little chef's hat and apron.

"Having them be more a part of the decision-making process, it helps them be more invested," Rancic said.


For a full list of super recipes from The Incredible Egg, visit And don't miss the premiere of Incredibles 2 on Friday, June 15.

Photo credit: Bill Rancic