'Bachelor' Alum Cassie Randolph Hospitalized After Getting Stung by Stingray

Bachelor alum Cassie Randolph is recovering after she was stung by a stingray, resulting in an unexpected trip to the ER. The scary and painful incident occurred as Randolph, a California native, and her boyfriend Colton Underwood decided to get a little fresh air with a short trip to the beach as they self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Welp, sm content is gonna be kinda limited with all our social distancing so here is a painful video of how I spent the majority of my day yesterday," Randolph shared with her followers on Instagram. "After 2 days in the house, we decided to go play in the waves (don’t worry, the beach is pretty empty) and I got stung by a stingray. SO PAINFUL."

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Although Randolph "knew what to do," as her brother has suffered multiple stings before, things took a turn for the worse when she "had an allergic reaction to the venom (if a bad reaction is unlikely to occur, it occurs to me... I'm a magnet."

"I spent 5 hours in excruciating pain," she wrote, explaining that the accompanying video shows Underwood "trying to distract me at hour 2 with UNO."

"Ended up in the ER after getting hives and my entire leg was swelling," Randolph revealed. "I'm fine now, got medication and my swelling is slowly subsiding."

Thankfully, Randolph did find a little humor in the situation, adding that "the most ironic part of all this: the hospital floor had STINGRAY artwork everywhere."

Randolph also added a shoutout to the lifeguard at the beach, who had been warning beachgoers that they may encounter stingrays.

"Oh, and to the lifeguard that was announcing (exact words) 'surfers and swimmers, there are many stingrays out there, you WILL get stung, you WILL be in pain, and your day WILL be ruined'...I will heed your warning next time," she wrote.

"Ps. thank you to my fam for taking care of me," she concluded. "P.s.s. [Colton Underwood] thanks for offering to suck the venom out of my foot even though I wanted to kill you in that moment."

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"While we ere in isolation yesterday we decided to take a quick trip to the ocean and swim," Underwood wrote in his own account of the day. "It was cut short after a sting ray stung [Cassie Randolph] in the foot. Mother Nature sent us a warning shot to get back inside."

"I tried to take her mind off of it by playing UNO (It did not work)," he continued. "Thank you all for your prayers and concerns... after about 5 hours of pain and a weird reaction to the venom...Cass is doing much better. stay safe y’all!"