Savannah Guthrie Spotted Not Wearing Wedding Ring on 'Today,' But Here's Why

Astue viewers of Today noticed that Savannah Guthrie was missing something while appearing on the show. The anchor went several days without wearing a wedding ring. This sent viewers in a mad dash to find out the reason behind the noticeable absence.

It turns out all of the hubbub was over a simple mistake: she had lost it. Page Six did some digging to discover that Guthrie had left the ring while on a trip upstate. It took a few days before she was reunited with her ring, meaning all is good with her and her husband, Michael Feldman.

A source told Page Six that Guthrie knew of the ring's whereabouts and that the ring wasn't truly lost.

"The other thing Savannah was missing last week was sleep after pulling an all-nighter on Super Tuesday and scoring the first interview with Joe Biden the next day," the source said.

There was no further explanation as to how and why the ring came off. It mostly like was that she took it off and simply forgot to put it back on before heading back home.

Guthrie has been pretty busy on TODAY talking about the coronavirus and among her many stories, she has done a few hands-on tutorials on the proper hand-washing technique. Perhaps she took it off while washing her hands back home.

She shared a video of her at her house "making hand washing fun" while with her children. For what it's worth, in the video she does have her wedding ring on.

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"Making hand washing fun. Making corona less scary for little ones," she wrote in the caption after her previous post was of hand sanitizer on her desk.

Guthrie, who has appeared on TODAY since 2012, and Feldman walked down the aisle on March 15, 2014 after getting engaged the year prior. A few days after they tied the knot, the Australian-born broadcaster revealed she was four months pregnant. The couple has two children.

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Feldman celebrated Guthrie's birthday this past December with a video he shared on Instagram of her ordering at a fast food restaraunt.

"Happy Birthday, @savannahguthrie," his caption read. "You make every day a celebration."