Kevin Hart Car Crash: Comedian Wants His Inner Circle to 'Downplay' His Injuries

Kevin Hart has reportedly asked his friends and colleagues to "downplay" his injuries from his recent car crash, not wanting the public to know how hurt he really is. In actuality, sources close to Hart told Us Weekly that the comedian is still in serious pain, and will not be fully recovered for months.

Hart left fans confused earlier this month when he was involved in a car crash in the Malibu Hills. He was a passenger in his classic 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when it went off the road, and he fled the scene before help arrived. Now, insiders suggest he may have been trying to hide something.

On Wednesday, sources told Us Weekly that Hart asked his inner circle to “downplay the seriousness of his injuries because he has so many project commitments."

Estimates of Hart's recovery time have varied, ranging from weeks to months. The source said that it would definitely be on the longer side, suggesting that Hart wanted to be optimistic until he knew for certain.

“It’s going to take him many months to recover,” they said. “It’s going to be extremely long and grueling.”

Thankfully, the source said that Hart has a supportive team behind him, and he will get the best care available.

“Everyone is focused on his recovery," they said.

Hart was with his wife's personal trainer, Rebecca Broxterman and her fiance, filmmaker Jared S. Black at the time of his crash. Black was driving Hart's car -- a muscle car he had purchased as a birthday present to himself earlier this summer. In the early hours of the morning on Sunday, Sept. 2, the car broke through a wooden guard rail on the Mulholland Highway, went off the road and plunged into a ditch below.

Hart was reportedly able to extricate himself from the crash, in spite of his serious injuries. His personal security team transported him back to his nearby home, where he tried to get medical attention on his own before ultimately going to the hospital. He got emergency surgery later that night, getting his spine fused back together in three different places.


Of course, fans have many questions about the strange circumstances surrounding the crash. Some wonder why Hart left, especially with Black and Broxterman both still trapped within the vehicle. Black ultimately got out of the car on his own, but was then air-lifted to a hospital with serious injuries. Broxterman had to be cut out by rescuers, but suffered only minor injuries.

Stay tuned for more updates on Hart's recovery process.