Calvin Klein Model Breaks Pelvis Zip-Lining and Crashing Into a Tree

Calvin Klein model Simona Andrejic suffered a terrifying accident last month while riding a zip-line at a New York billionaire's house. Now, a full month later, Andrejic is confined to a wheelchair, unable to work, and seeking compensation from the party's host.

Andrejic was one of many models in attendance on Sunday, July 21 at Chinh Chu's garden party. According to a report by The Daily Mail, 53-year-old Chu invited 25-year-old Andrejic and many other models to his home in Westchester, New York for a lavish outdoor summer party. However, the zip-line Chu had on hand was not entirely safe, as Andrejic can attest.

The model reportedly smashed into a tree on Chu's sprawling property during her zip-line ride, shattering her pelvic bone in multiple places. Horrifyingly, Andrejic was stranded on a wooden platform 50 feet in the air for about two hours before emergency responders could get to her safely.

Andrejic had to be airlifted to Yale New Haven Hospital to be treated for her injuries. In addition to the pelvic fractures, she was treated for lacerations on her arm requiring stitches. Other party guests recorded video of the harrowing scene, showing the place where Andrejic had gotten hurt.

In the month since Andrejic's accident, Chu has reportedly covered many expenses. After saying he would "take care of things for her," the billionaire paid Andrejic's medical bills, put her up in a hotel room indefinitely and gave her use of his own Rolls Royce to get to and from the doctor. However, insiders said that Andrejic became furious when Chu offered her a small settlement for the accident.

Chu reportedly offered to pay Andrejic "a few thousand dollars every month for a year" in restitution for her injuries. Andrejic refused the offer, which sources close to Chu called "pocket change," but when she did one of Chu's aides threatened to stop paying all of her other expenses.

Andrejic has moved out of the hotel room Chu had booked for her but is still unable to return to her walk-up in New York City. Now, she has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Chu for the injuries she sustained at his party.


"Simona has devastating injuries," her attorney told Page Six. "She cannot work and is in substantial pain. She should be fairly compensated within the law."

Chu has refused to comment on the lawsuit publicly so far. The 53-year-old was once the managing director of Blackstone, and now runs CC Capital. He is divorced with two children, and is reportedly dating a Russian model. Andrejic, meanwhile, has been seen on the catwalk sporting Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and many other luxury brands.