Britney Spears Sparks Controversy Among Fans Over Photo of Multicolored Pumps

People are getting bent out of shape about the way pop star Brittney Spears is spending her money. On Thursday, Spears took to Instagram to share a photo of her shoes. These aren’t just any pair of kicks, though. According to her post, the shoes in question are “single multi-colored print Christian Louboutin snakeskin pump.”

In the caption, the 37-year-old singer noted how she spent $6,000 for the shoes. The price tag is certainly high, but her admittance that she has “never worn them,” is what set off the firestorm in her Instagram comments.

One user who drew a good amount of reaction to her comment said, "Must be nice to flaunt your overindulgence. Meanwhile, we have people who can't afford their next meal. Here's an idea, instead of spending that sort of money on nonsense, donate it."

Others voiced their concern over her seemingly "bragging" about her shoes made of animal skin. One user remarked, "Please don't buy clothes made from animals. With all that money you could be helping animals instead of hurting them."

While many comments poured in criticizing Spears, others chimed in to say that they have no issue with the international star spending her hard-earned money. One notable comment said, "She's [Britney Spears] she can afford it!!! Let her live and spend how she chooses... It's not like she hasn't earned her money. No one is telling you people how to spend your paycheck (sic)."


Recently it was reported that Spears loves to shop at Target, according to Fox News. According to the story, she visited the superstore at least 80 times last season. If only her followers knew all of the useless stuff she bought at Target like the rest of us.

Spears found stardom in her teen years as her first two albums, “Baby One More Time” and “Ooops!... I Did It Again,” topped the charts and set her up as the most successful teenager artist of all-time.