Buckingham Palace Issues Statement Amid Reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Set 'Strict Rules' for Neighbors

Just hours after a tabloid report claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a strict set of rules that keep their neighbors from speaking to them and asking to see newborn son Archie, Buckingham Palace shot it down. A palace spokesperson said they are not aware of the list and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not request it.

"The Duke and Duchess didn’t request this, didn’t know about it, and had nothing to do with the content or guidance offered," a spokesperson told Us Weekly on Sunday.

On Friday, The Sun reported that people who live near Frogmore Cottege on the royal family's Windsor estate were given a list of rules to follow. The list allegedly included:

  • "Don't approach or instigate conversation if you see the Royal couple
  • Do say 'Good Morning' or some other pleasantry if they speak to you
  • Don't pet or stroke their dogs, even if they come over to you
  • Don't offer to walk their dogs
  • Don't ask to see baby Archie or offer to babysit
  • Don't post anything through the letterbox of Frogmore Cottage"

"It would be funny if it wasn't so over the top," one unnamed local told The Sun.

"It’s extraordinary. We’ve never heard anything like it. Everyone who lives on the estate works for the royals and knows how to behave respectfully," the local continued. “We aren’t told how to behave around the Queen like this. She’s very happy for people to greet her.”

The Sun reports that Buckingham Palace told the outlet the request came from an "overly protective palace official" and the royal couple knew nothing about it.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward theorized that palace officials are "second-guessing" what the couple might want since they have made "incessant demants for privacy" before.

"It’s odd because it’s just good manners to engage your neighbour in conversation in a pleasant way. It’s a very normal British thing to say ‘Good Morning’ and pat a dog," Seward told The Sun. "The Queen always chats to neighbours and even has tea with people on the estate as she’s very friendly with them. The ‘not petting the dog’ is particularly strange."

Seward said the couple have yet to reveal the name of one of their dogs. However, it is known that Markle brought Guy, a rescue beagle she adopted during her time in Canada, to the U.K. Last September, the couple got a black Labrador, but have not publicly revealed its name.


The alleged demands to neighbors is reminiscent of Markle's security snafu at Wimbledon earlier this month. British media consultant Sally Jones claimed she was told not to take photos of the Duchess during Serena Williams' July 4 match because she was there in a "private capacity." However, Jones noted there were professional photographers taking pictures of Markle anyway. Security also did not stop a little boy from sharking her hand and getting an autograph.

Markle and Harry moved into Frogmore Cottage in April after it was extensively renovated. The renovations cost U.K. taxpayers over $3 million as part of the Sovereign Grant for royal expenses.

Photo credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images


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