Disney Channel Star Dove Cameron Stirs Social Media With Fresh Faced Shower Selfie

Dove Cameron might be a Disney Channel star known for family-friendly programming, but she's also known for causing quite the stir on social media. Her latest is a selfie taken directly after she finished a shower, leaving many speculating about Cameron getting too risque.

(Photo: Dove Cameron/Instagram)

The shot uploaded to Instagram on Saturday shows Cameron in the show, featuring her tattooed wrist and just staring out from the shower. The second photo is more of the same, but with a little bit more squishiness for her face.

While there was no caption from the actress, her fans provided plenty of fodder to sift through. Many were just in line to praise her for the look and tell her how photogenic she appeared.

"The most beautiful person in the WORLD," one fan wrote.

"I wish I looked like this when I was getting a shower...wow," another added.

"So freaking beautiful!!! Me and my daughter LOVE you! a third fan wrote. "Keep being awesome and positive and amazing. You are such a wonderful role model for my daughter, and I thank you for that!"

(Photo: Dove Cameron/Instagram)

Others thought the shots were setting a goal for something else, like past Disney Channel stars.

"[Do] you guys remember that shane dawson conspiracy theories about the disney stars and he said that dove would post something more provocative to end her disney contract?" one curious commenter wrote.

Not everybody was digging for conspiracies, though. Most had more practical complaints.

"I mean where is a better place to take a selfie other than shower?" one fan noticed.

"I don't know why you have your mobile phone near the shower to take a picture?" another fan wrote, followed by some facepalm, crying laughter emojis.

This is far from the first time the Disney star was flooded with comments and critiques about her social media posts. Earlier in the year, Cameron faced a backlash from fans after posting a video wearing a bikini on the social media platform.

"There is a time and place for vids like this. Sent privately to your lover? More power to you, sister," one critic wrote. "On Instagram on a bed, stroking your hair? As a role model for young women- Not cool. Rethink your decisions."

Despite the criticism, Cameron posted another bikini selfie in a far clearer format. With this shower shot, it is pretty clear how she feels about what followers think of her body.


She has plenty of supporters too.

"[You] can be a demon and an angel at the same time, dear dove," a supportive fan wrote.


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