Chris Cornell Estate Deadlocked Over Daughter's Tuition

Chris Cornell's estate is now in question again as his ex-wife requests a portion for their daughter's tuition.

Cornell's estate is estimated at $20 million, and according to a report by The Blast, his widow and his ex-wife cannot agree on how to split it up. In new court documents filed by Vicky Cornell, Cornell's ex-wife Susan Silver is left out of the will entirely. However, Silver argues that she and their daughter Lillian deserve some portion of Cornell's fortune.

Silver claims that she and Lillian are owed child support payments going all the way back to 2004, when she and Cornell divorced. She also requests a portion of Cornell's royalties going forward, and a full accounting of his estate to determine if there is anything else they are entitled to.

Silver reportedly presented herself at court to make her demands, while Cornell insisted that they stick to her late husband's will. Cornell signed his last will and testament in 2004, and it listed his only beneficiaries as Vicky and the Cornell Family Trust. Vicky herself also noted that the estate is likely worth more than $20 million.

Vicky Cornell has objected to Silver's claims, and asked the court to dismiss them out of hand. She and Silver have both said that they are trying to settle their issues out of court.
Vicky has reportedly tried to seal the court records of Cornell's death several times. She has argued that her family has suffered through hurtful publicity and even hateful commentary following Cornell's Death, and they should not be subjected to another media circus by Silver.

Vicky lashed out at Cornell's fanbase in her court argument, calling them "cult-like" in their reverence for Soundgarden and Cornell's other projects. She also noted that the fans "have chosen to promote a theory," referring to conspiracy theories that Cornell was murdered -- in some cases by herself.

Vicky noted that her issues with Cornell's fans go back to the beginning of their relationship, when they accused her of breaking up his marriage to Silver. In the niche community of Cornell's most die-hard fans, these conspiracy theories still persist.


Cornell passed away back in May of 2017 of suicide after a Soundgarden concert. He had a long history with depression and substance abuse, but the medical examiner said that drugs did not contribute to his death.

If you or someone you know needs help and is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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