‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama


‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

Wendy Williams Spotted Covering Face With Magazine Amid Divorce Drama

Wendy Williams was recently spotted covering her face with a magazine while leaving her TV studio, amid the ongoing current divorce drama.

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According to Radar, the daytime talk show host did not want cameras snapping photos of her so she held up a magazine with a shirtless man on the cover and hid her face.

Williams was also accompanied by a bodyguard, and was carrying her coat in her arms as she walked.

While all the trouble in her personal life has been making headlines lately, a former intern of Williams' radio show told Radar that the host had displayed distraught behavior for years.

"I'd walk into her room and she'd be crying," the unnamed insider said. "I didn't know why. She had an office and it's called the pink room. And at that time interns could go in and out and she'd have people in there all the time, production staff."

"There would be months where she would be very sad and then nobody would ever know what it was about," the insider continued. "She's seen me see her cry. You can't hide that."

The source explained that Williams' rocky relationship with estranged husband Kevin Hunter impacted her professional life frequently.

"The vibe that he gave off was very abrasive. He was not very friendly," the source claimed. "He's always been stand-offish... I worry about him — the potential of what he can do."

The insider then went on to allege that Hunter often took most of the credit for what her and Williams accomplished together, which stuck the source as unfair.

"I saw Wendy working very hard, and I never really liked how he got a lot of the acclaim," the insider said. "How does he take claim of the show or say he's a producer? She's the talent. So, like, what exactly is he doing?"

Finally, the source revealed that Williams began to let all the interns for the show go, and they discovered later that it was actually Hunter who pulled the strings on the firings.

"I don't think Wendy would've done that because she had been an intern before and she knows how hard the grind is," the source said. "I think Kevin did that for power."


Today, Williams is working with a new manager — Bernie Young — and their partnership seems to be very good for Williams, as a separate source told Page Six that they saw her meeting with her new team and "she looked great! Even though she's suffering from a cold. They all looked like they were in a great mood."

At this time, neither Williams or Hunter appear to have issued official public statements on their separation.