Kim Kardashian Reveals Diamond Cross Grill in New Jewelry Look

Kim Kardashian flashed her latest set of diamonds on Friday -- this time, another pair of grills with a cross between her front teeth.

The reality star has been playing it pretty cool with jewelry ever since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016. However, it is no secret that she loves her gem-encrusted accessories -- particularly grills. Kardashian added another expensive smile to her grill collection this week.

"New grillz," she wrote simply alongside the photo. It showed a close-up of Kardashian's mouth, her lips just slightly parted to bear her teeth. The bottom row was completely covered in diamonds, while the top row was all pearly-white except for the cross nestled right in the front.

The new look got mixed reactions from fans on Twitter and Instagram. Many responded with disdain for the accessory in general, as well as this one in particular. Many thought that the look was gaudy, and that as a middle-aged white woman, Kardashian was the last person who should be rocking it.

"She's almost 40 like come on," one person noted.

"You're a rich girl that's always had money and lives in Calabasas," another noted, "stop taking advice from Kanye and don't try to appeal to the black community to make more money."

Of course, there were those that stuck up for Kardashian as well, feeling that she had every right to wear grills and to use her money as she saw fit.

"What's your problem racist," argued one fan in response to the comment above, "and if she's rich she can do what she wants."

Naturally, another staple argument of social media came up as well: what else could have been done with the money. Many fans admonished Kardashian for spending so much money on the jewelry while other people struggled to make a living. The official account of the Socialist Party of Great Britain responded on Twitter.

"How many starving people could have been fed with the money that cost?" the party wrote.


"How much could you do at a homeless shelter instead of running this account?" countered another person.

Kardashian herself did not respond to any of this criticism. The reality star tends to stay out of replies, comment sections and arguments, and this was no exception. However, in all likelihood, she has the grill under lock and key with the rest of her valuable jewelry. The reality star now keeps bodyguards and security around her at all times, and has safety measures around her home as well.