Dave Bautista Lashes out After Not Being Let Into Journey Concert

Dave Bautista issued a series of heated Twitter posts on Saturday night after being shut out of a Journey concert in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor was in his hometown to watch the "Don't Stop Believing" masterminds perform at Amalie Arena. This was an especially important concert for Bautista since he is close friends with the band's lead singer, Arnel Pineda.

Around 8 p.m. ET, Bautista, who is also known for wrestling in WWE as Batista, posted a irritated message to Twitter about a venue employee who he claimed was being "rude" to him.

"Amalie Arena, you guys need to do something with Karen at the suites entrance," Bautista wrote. "What a rude woman! But I guess if that’s the way you treat people.... just thought you were better than that! Maybe not. Great to be treated like s— in my hometown. Thanks."

He then followed that message up with a open message to Pineda, apologizing for missing the performance, alluding to further unsatisfactory treatment by the venue staff.

"Arnel Pineda, sorry I’m missing your performance brother," Bautista wrote. "Amalie Arena doesn’t know how to treat people! I’ll catch you down the road. Safe travels, dude."

At this point, Amalie Arena reached out to the Avengers: Infinity War actor and requested he privately message them and provide more information. It is unclear if Bautista did this, but he continued to fire off several more fiery tweets throughout the night.

"Seriously! As a professional wrestler I've been to just about every arena in the country," Bautista wrote. "And after all these years I’ve never been treated like an a— 'til I came to Amalie Arena ..in my home town! To see my friend Arnel Pineda perform! With my wife and friends! Wtf?!! Thnx [middle finger emoji]"

After conversing with fans about the incident, Bautista then received a message from Pineda asking what went down. Without getting into specifics, the former WWE Champion revealed the whole issued stemmed from a ticketing issue, presumably preventing him and his party from seeing the concert.

"We had an issue with our tickets and one of the Amalie Arena employees was pretty rude to us," Bautista wrote. "All good brother. Next time! I just wanted to see you kill it. But as long as your singing, I’ll be coming to see you sing. Love you dude! Safe travels and good health [peace emoji] #pinoypride"


Amalie Arena has not issued any further statement about the incident aside from their tweet to Bautista.

Photo Credit: BG017/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images