Terry Crews Faces Harassment and Cyberbullying Allegations in Lawsuit

As he continues his legal battle with WME and Adam Venit, Terry Crews is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit of his own.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has been accused of cyberbullying and harassment in a lawsuit for breach of contract, filed by Darwin Hall. According to a report by Deadline, Hall claims to have done years of work for Crews without being paid, and he is now finally seeking retribution.

The details of the case are highly disputed and hard to follow. Hall's entire complaint has been published online, where many have pointed out that it is contradictory and confusing at times. However, it essentially states that Crews hired Hall to work on his web presence and help him build a following, then refused to pay him the full amount they had agreed upon. It then points to an incident in December when Crews tweeted about Hall without mentioning him by name, identifying this as targeted harassment.

“As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ breach of the agreements, Plaintiffs have suffered damages in an amount to be proven at trial, and exceeding $1,000,000,” the complaint reads.

Hall's puzzling 17-page filing includes an assertion that he began working for Crews shortly after he retired from the NFL. He claims to have helped helped Crews build up a personal brand on social media while transitioning into entertainment — though at the time, in 1999, social media was all but non-existent.

According to Hall, he and Crews agreed on a rate of $55 per hour for Hall's web-design and branding services. After logging 6,000 hours working for Crews over the years, Hall claims he has only been paid $28,479.06. He also claimed that Crews refused to work with him after he took a separate job building a dating app for the LGBTQ community.

Much of the complaint, however, centered around a Twitter thread Crews posted in December, which Hall says he felt threatened by.

“Further, in response, to the demand for payment, Defendants engaged in a horrific campaign of harassment and cyberbullying that has caused Plaintiff to fear for his life and suffer substantial emotional distress, all because he dared to ask Defendants to honor their end of the bargain,” the document read.

In fact, Crews tweets tell a very different story from Hall's legal statement. On Christmas Day, he wrote that a "mirroring sociopath" he had believed to be "a friend" had become a toxic influence in his life. As for the app that ended their relationship, Crews did not seem bothered by the LGBTQ element of it.


"When I found out he was building porn sites, I told him I couldn’t work with him anymore, I saw how it all would backfire on me," he wrote. "He agreed to no longer build them... Then promptly asked ME to pay him to replace all the money the porn sites would have given him. I refused."

Crews has been outspoken against the proliferation of pornography, reportedly suffering from an addition to the media himself. He and his representatives have not yet responded to Hall's complain.