'Game of Thrones' Actor Tom Hopper Welcomes Second Child With Wife Laura

Tom Hopper, who played Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones, celebrated a momentous occasion on Saturday when he and wife Laura welcomed their second child, a daughter named Truly Rose.

Hopper broke the news with an Instagram post of he and his family, including their 3-year-old son Freddie.

"So my amazing wife [Laura Hopper] gave birth to our second beautiful child," he wrote. "Welcome to the world, our baby daughter, Truly Rose Hopper. Weighing 8lb 1oz."

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(Photo: Instagram/@tom.hopperhops)

He later posted a pair of photos of him holding little Truly.

"I feel like the luckiest guy on earth," Hopper wrote. "There is no feeling like the skin on skin I've had with our beautiful children after their births. An immediate and unique bonding process that is the most beautiful of moments to experience as a parent. Their hearts beating next to yours for the first time, and your body warmth keeping them comfortable and secure. A true blessing to be able to give and it's nature at its finest."

"I feel so lucky to have had this experience with both our babies straight after they were born," he continued. "Memories that I will treasure forever."

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(Photo: Instagram/tom.hopperhops)

While he may feel lucky now, Hopper's character on the hit HBO series was not so lucky during his tenure on the show. Tarly, son of Randyll Tarly and brother to fan-favorite Samwell Tarly, arrived at the start of Season 7 at King's Landing and agreed with Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime to withdraw their military support from the Tyrells.

Jaime led the Lannister army to overtake the Tyrells' last stronghold at Highgarden, with Tarly serving by his side. On their way back to King's Landing they were ambushed by DaenerysTargaryen, her army and her most powerful dragon, Drogon.

Both Tarly and his father survived the battle and were taken as prisoners of war by the Dothraki army. Targaryen gave them all ultimatum — bend the knee or she will have them burned alive by Drogon. The two denied her requests, and despite attempts at negotiations from Tyrion Lannister, Targaryen killed them both.

As for the last remaining male in the Tarly familly, Sam concluded his season by leaving the Citadel at Oldtown and arriving at Winterfell with the intent to help Jon Snow against the Army of the Dead. After a conversation with Brandon (Bran) Stark, the two came to the realization that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark secretly married and had a son, who is none other than Snow.


At the same time as that revelation is given to the audience, Snow was aboard a ship traveling south to Winterfell and beginning a romantic relationship with Targaryen, who is actually his aunt.

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