'Treasure Quest' Adventurers Makes Exciting Discovery in New Clip


'Treasure Quest' Adventurers Makes Exciting Discovery in New Clip

Solange Knowles Goes Topless in New Instagram Photo

Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyonce, recently took to Instagram to share a topless photo of herself.

(Photo: Solange Knowles / Instagram)

In the photo, a topless Solange can be seen with her braided hair hanging down over her chest, strategically placed so as to hide anything NSFW.

While she did not include a caption with her post, many of her followers commented in the photo, with one person saying, "You are so freaking beautiful."

"Bless you, so many ppl don't realize Rare book are a treasure," someone else gushed.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Solange opened up and spoke about her music and the ways that her "creative process" has changed over the years.

"This cycle of you put out an album, now you go and perform it, and then you go back and you work on another one for however long, and then as soon as that’s done, you put one out again... it’s the cycle that the music industry has set in place for us," she said.

"Artists are really whimsical. And I have a 13-year-old son now, so that is a compass of how I have to set up my life and set up my work. It matters to be present with him," Solange added. "I’m relieved when I hear other mothers say, 'Yeah, we’re going through this, too.' "

She also mentioned that for her new album she has been writing in several places, such as Laurel Canyon, Topanga Canyon and Jamaica.

"I actually have been following Joni Mitchell. It has been really wild. The house that I was just recording in [in] Jamaica, I stayed there for four days," she continued. "And then the last day, the owner was like, 'You know that mural that’s downstairs in the spare bedroom that the engineer booth is in? Joni Mitchell painted that.' "

Solange also threw shoutouts to some of her peers who make music that she finds can "excite" her, like Tierra Whack and Cardi B.

" Moses [Sumney] and Kelela put out incredible projects last year," she added. "Azealia Banks is putting out new music. I think she’s phenomenal. I saw Missy [Elliott] and Busta [Rhymes] and Kelly [Rowland] are putting out a record [Get It] today, which I’m going home to listen to. Missy is... well, she’s my mom."


Finally, the 31-year-old also spoke about the recent "controversy over the lack of representation for women and lack of recognition for people of color at this year’s awards."

"I would like to see more diversity in all institutions, and I don’t just mean in music and art and fashion. I would like to see more people who look like me making decisions," Solange confidently stated. "But I certainly don’t subscribe to [awards] as the only way, best way or most important way to celebrate work."