Baker Makes Life-Size Kim Kardashian Cake Complete With Her Signature Assets

In a feat that surely even the most obsessive Kardashian fans have fallen short of, one British cake-maker has succeeded in creating a life-size cake version of Kim Kardashian.

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(Photo: Instagram / @debbie_wingham)

High-end cake maker and couture designer Debbie Wingham, who lives in London and Los Angeles, used Rice Krispies, chocolate and 15 kilos (around 33 pounds) of icing on the cake that stands up by itself.

Just like the real Kardashian, Wingham's exceptional confection is dripping in diamonds — $1.6 million dollars of them, to be precise.

(Photo: Instagram / @debbie_wingham)

The cake was commissioned for a Kim Kardashian lookalike's birthday and took 10 days to make. Wingham used new 3D food printing technology along with help from Rice Krispies cereal, which acted as the base which Wingham then covered in fondant. Modeling chocolate was used for sculpting. Wingham even paid special attention to small details like eyelashes, which were made from sugar, and fingernails, which were cast in sugar and painted with edible metallic paint.

(Photo: Instagram / @debbie_wingham)

Wingham said she didn't want anyone to think the real Kardashian was being cut into, so it does not have a traditional cake filling on the inside — although the "art piece" is edible.

All in all, around 33 pounds of fondant, 13 pounds of modeling chocolate, 85 boxes of Rice Krispies cereal and over 30,000 melted mini marshmallows made up the model Kim K. Edible color dust was used to add real skin type qualities, and a Cartier diamond pendant draped around the cake's neck to top it all off.

(Photo: Instagram / @debbie_wingham)

The necklace is reportedly made with 862 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 19.8 carats with emeralds and onyx stones. A six-carat diamond and emerald bracelet also sits on the cake's wrist, taking the jewelry total to $1.6 million.

(Photo: Instagram / @debbie_wingham)

Wingham used the cereal and melted marshmallows to sculpt Kardashian's famous backside.

(Photo: Instagram / @debbie_wingham)

For the face, Wingham used a Kim Kardashian 3D printing template as the foundation. She then added modeling chocolates over the edible print and adapted the differences between Kardashian and her client's face.

She also made a traditional birthday cake to go along with the cake-a-like.

Wingham was contacted by a new client after he saw another life-size cake she had made, and accepted his offer of wanting a life-sized one for his partner.

"Debbie provisionally accepted the commission on the basis she would replicate his partner from cake to scale for her birthday although at the time she had no idea that his partner was a Kim K look alike," a spokeswoman for Wingham told the Daily Mail.

"At first Debbie thought the client had made an error when she received the images as she thought he'd sent several pictures of Kim Kardashian for outfit reference. He had told her that his partner loves Kim's style and she was planning on wearing a look to her birthday party that Kim had worn recently. That was the outfit Debbie was to use as inspiration for the edible installation," the spokeswoman said. "On closer inspection Debbie realized that in fact one picture was Kim but the other was someone who looked like her double. She was a bit taller but her features and curves were almost identical especially at first glance."


Now that she's successfully completed a Kardashian lookalike, Wingham is ready to re-create the rest of the KarJenner clan.

"I would love to make the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan only this time featuring the real Kim, not a lookalike, and with their permission entirely made of cake," she said. "I think they have such a fun family environment I can almost picture it as a segment on Keeping up with the Kardashians."