Emma Watson's New 'Time's Up' Tattoo Has Glaring Grammatical Error

Emma Watson showed her full support for the Time’s Up movement while hitting the Oscars red carpet.

Emma Watson, the 27-year-old Harry Potter actress, was one of dozens to strut the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, and while her sleeveless black dress caught some attention, the focus seemed to be on the fresh ink on her forearm.

According to the Daily Mail, Watson, who recently starred as Bell in Beauty and the Beast, showed her support for the Time’s Up movement by having the phrase inked onto her arm, though the tattoo was only a temporary tattoo and eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that the Brown-educated star managed to miss the apostrophe between the E and the S.

“One would think if you’d gotten a degree from brown university that you’d know to at least spell check,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Ok ok I’m a big fan of Emma Watson but I can’t be the only one who thinks the #TimesUp tattoo is really tacky? Nasty font, awkward placement and missing apostrophe. IMO it cheapens her whole stance on the movement,” wrote another.

“Emma Watson's new tattoo is so beautiful, but the spelling error is really annoying,” another person commented.


This isn’t the first time that Watson has shown support for the Time’s Up movement. Last month, the 27-year-old, who helped launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, a solidarity campaign for the advancement and equality of women, donated more than $1 million to a fund of victims of sexual harassment.

The Time’s Up movement, a movement against sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault, has founded by Hollywood celebrities, has been the topic of discussion at past awards shows. Many stars have shown up to red carpets dressed in black in support of the movement, while many men have sported Time’s Up pins.