Heather Locklear’s Daughter Reveals First Photos After Mom’s Arrest

Heather Locklear's 20-year-old daughter, Ava Sambora, has high-tailed it out of Los Angeles following her mother's Sunday night arrest.

ava sambora heather locklear daughter hawaii
(Photo: Instagram/Ava Sambora)

TMZ reports that Ava and her father, Richie Sambora, jetted off to Big Island of Hawaii Wednesday night.

Ava shared two photos of herself lounging in front of palm trees. "Quick trip to paradise," she captioned the images.

"This trip couldn't have come soon enough," a source told TMZ, who reported that the father and daughter had planned to go to Hawaii but Locklear's felony domestic violence arrest made the trip "imperative."

(Photo: Instagram / @avasambora)

Ava is reportedly "concerned and sad" over her mother's mental state, while Sambora, who is the former guitarist for Bon Jovi, is reportedly concerned about the impact Locklear, his ex-wife, has had on their child.

The Daily Mail reports that Ava was present at Locklear's home in Thousand Oaks, California at the time of her arrest Sunday. The publication reports that a source in the Ventura police department said Locklear was "wasted" when she and boyfriend Chris Heisser, "got into a physical fight" at her house.

Locklear reportedly "practically bit the tip off of Heisser's nose," the publication reports, before instructing a woman she works with to call the police. Locklear assaulted three of the four officers who responded to the call when they tried to put her in handcuffs. Ava was reportedly "mortified."

"[Locklear] punched the lady cop and called her a 'c—', kicked one of the male cops in the balls and punched the third male cop and called them all 'f—ing assholes' ranting at them," the source said.

Locklear was booked into the Ventura County Jail around 1 a.m. on a felony count of domestic violence and three counts of misdemeanor battery on a peace officer. She was released Monday morning after posting bail set at $20,000.

Hours after her arrest, Heisser was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.

PEOPLE reports that the Melrose Place actress has been "struggling" with a history of anxiety, depression and substance abuse since her 2007 divorce from Sambora.

Locklear's friends have reportedly been concerned for Locklear, who they say has been "spiraling" out of control.

"Heather has been spiraling out of control lately," one source told Entertainment Tonight. "We realize Heather has had problems with drinking and drugs before, but she was really getting back on track."

Locklear had been in and out of rehab for drug addiction five times as of early 2017, but the course said the friends wanted her to go back yet again.


"Her friends and family are telling her it is time to go back to rehab," the source added. "She needs it badly. It's sad she lets things get this out of control before she gets help."

According to the source, the Melrose Place actress sees the arrest as "rock bottom."