Kim Kardashian Shows off 'Weekend' Vibes With Skintight Leggings

Kim Kardashian knows how to welcome the weekend right.

The reality star took to Instagram Saturday to show off her toned body in a tan-colored skintight outfit and her signature dyed white-blonde hair.

"Weekend vibes," Kardashian captioned the photo, which has garnered more than two million likes in nine hours.

(Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)

Followers were quick to complement the mother of three.

"Beautiful," one set said.

"So good... so beautiful," another one commented.

The businesswoman recently made headlines after she made $10 million in four days for sales of her new Kimoji Hearts fragrance line. Insiders said that the three new fragrances — Bae, BFF and Ride or Die — earned $10 million in revenue.

What is perhaps most impressive is that advertising for Kardashian’s sophomore fragrance collection was done entirely on her personal and business social media accounts.

She advertised the new business venture on social media with a photo campaign, showing herself in three body-hugging and color-coordinating outfits while posing with giant replica hearts.

She also shamelessly flaunted her petty side when she revealed to fans who would be receiving the press boxes of perfume, which came with a small mallet and giant chocolate heart with the fragrance inside.

Not only did Kardashian opt to gift her friends and family with Kimoji Hearts, she also had them hand delivered to her haters. The mom of three posted the list on social media ahead of the fragrance release, revealing that enemies Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna would be getting boxes in the mail.

Kardashian and Swift's beef goes way back, to when husband Kanye West grabbed the mic from the country singer at the Video Music Awards in 2009. Since then, Swift and West have been trading jabs back and forth, and Kardashian has also gotten in on the feud.

After Swift claimed West didn't call to consult her about a derogatory line in his song "Famous" in which he said he "made that b— famous," Kardashian posted the video receipts on Snapchat that a conversation did happen in 2016. Since then, Swift has been declared a "snake" by many, and has since tried to embrace the imagery in her new album, Reputation.

Chyna's feud with Kardashian stemmed from her former friend's relationship with brother Rob Kardashian, with whom she shares a daughter, 1-year-old Dream. Since their dramatic break-up, Rob and Chyna have traded accusations of domestic abuse, and the model has actually filed a lawsuit against Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner, alleging the two conspired to ruin her career and get Rob & Chyna taken off the air.

Kardashian also gifted Kimoji Hearts to some of the broadcasters and personalities who have dissed her in the past for her looks, lack of modesty or her road to fame. Those unlucky celebrities included Wendy Williams, Piers Morgan and Bette Middler.