Chrissy Teigen Holds the Dressing in Sexy Instagram Post

Chrissy Teigen posted a funny photo of herself cooking topless Sunday, and asked her millions of fans not to judge her.

chrissy teigen salad instagram pic
(Photo: Instagram/ Chrissy Teigen)

The pregnant, grinning supermodel posted a photo of herself making a delicious healthy meal while topless. She cleverly used two salad bowls to self-censor the photo.

"[Please] don’t shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life," the 32-year-old wrote.

The photo racked up 1.35 million likes in only seven hours. Many of the comments supported her topless cooking. Some even said they have done the same.

"I was cooking the same way and a hot pot touched my stomach and burned me! Be careful," one fan wrote

"[Laugh out loud] I love this! & you are lovely!" another added.

"Hell yes, do you, be proud and own it!" another fan wrote.

Teigen and husband John Legend announced they are expecting their second child back in November.

She has also confirmed that the baby is a boy. Last month, she posted a picture of herself on the Grammys red carpet, writing "Mama and her baby boy" in the caption.

Teigen said back in January 2017 that she would have a baby boy after she was criticized for "choosing" her first child's gender via in vitro fertilization. "Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah," she tweeted.

Teigen and Legend are already parents to 1-year-old Luna. At the Grammys, Teigen told Entertainment Tonight that she really hopes her son is like Legend, since Luna is like her.

"I hope baby two is like John a lot," she said. "Baby Luna's more like me...and I realized I can be difficult."

Teigen also told ET they did not have a baby name prepared. It took them three days to name Luna after she was born.

"Luna's we figured out 3 days after she was born," Teigen said. "When they finally said they were gonna kick us out and we had to pick a name and then we picked it."