Calvin Klein Blasted for Kardashian Underwear Ad: 'You Lost My Business'

Calvin Klein may have misread its targeted audience when it chose the Kardashian-Jenner sisters to star in its latest ad, a 30-second ad spot called "Our Family #MyCalvins."

(Photo: Willy Vanderperre for CALVIN KLEIN)

Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian stunned alongside Kendall and Kylie Jenner for the Calvin Klein ad released Monday morning, but many customers are pushing back against the decision.

The underwear brand released the ad on its social media Monday and many customers took to various platforms to complain and even write that they would no longer be shopping at Calvin Klein.

"Really? CK thinks this is a good way to start the new year with the K fam," one person wrote on Facebook.

"why choose the Kardashians???" one perplexed Instagram follower wrote.

"Don’t appreciate the first family of Trash polluting my email as a Preferred customer. Vacant faces are NOT MODELS! Their behavior belongs in a barn & their mother is just their auctioneer. #Trash," a disgruntled customer wrote on Twitter.

"Calvin Klein has lost my business," a Facebook fan stated.

"Really? you just lost me as a customer," another said.

"Sorry Calvin, lost a long time buyer'd do MUCH better to show everyday buyers in their Calvin's than any much did you pay these people? that money could have went to feed starving people instead of these people," someone else wrote on Facebook.

(Photo: Willy Vanderperre for CALVIN KLEIN)

In the ad, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians ladies spent time lying on the floor and playing a juicy game of "Never Have I Ever," and things got pretty interesting. Fans learn that Kim has never gotten a tattoo and Kendall has never dyed her hair, but eldest sister Kourtney has eaten a rattlesnake.

The reality cast of sisters also posed for a series of more intimate shots shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, which features the sisters in both denim looks and in black or white CK underwear.

"The evolved #MYCALVINS concept has family at its center, a display of unity between strong individuals, further emphasized by the symbolism of the traditional American quilt," the brand released in a statement. "This campaign captures these bonds and brings to life different ways we can inspire families—both born and made—to connect with one another, and celebrate the things that unite us."

The campaign was shot last October, when Khloé's baby bump was barely visible, if at all. But unlike Kourtney and Kendall, who were pictured topless, Kylie is featured in more modest looks. In a few shots, she sported a denim button-up, and in others, she's wrapped in a quilt or sitting behind Khloé. She apparently stepped out of a few family snaps, too, further fueling rumors of her pregnancy.

The clothing brand has featured several celebrities in its latest multi-month campaign push, including a group of artists chosen by Solange Knowles, the A$AP Mob, and Cindy Crawford's daughters Kaia and Presley Gerber. Every campaign was shot in the same rustic locale with Calvin Klein's patchwork blankets also featured.

"The bond we share is infectious,” Khloé told VOGUE of her time spent shooting with her sisters. “Even though we pick on each other like normal siblings, we are each other’s biggest supporters... I want people to see unity, loyalty and strength. We’re a mix of everything, and I think family is the ultimate American dream."

Khloé herself sported Calvin Klein in her baby announcement on Instagram last month with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. In the pic, fans saw a close-up shot of her baby bump in matching white CK undies.