Meghan McCain Updates John McCain's Health: 'Doing Good'

Meghan McCain gave a health update on her father, Sen. John McCain on Tuesday's episode of The View, saying he's "doing good."

"I just got off the phone with my father: 'Do your physical therapy,' " McCain said at the start of The View's first live broadcast since the holidays. "We were on the phone. He's with his physical therapist right now. They're still in Sedona."

She told her fellow co-hosts that she spent the "mellow holidays" with her family at the McCain cabin in Cornville, near Sedona.

"We had a good time just cooking and hanging out," she said.

McCain also talked up her father's secret recipe for barbecue dry-ribs. "He did it like three different times, and I just kept asking for them, and I eat them for breakfast the next morning," she said.

John, a six-term Republican, is battling glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. He was hospitalized last month in Bethesda, Maryland, close to Washington, D.C., for a viral infection and other side effects of his ongoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Before the holidays, he relocated to his home state of Arizona to continue physical therapy.

John's office has not issued an official update on his health for more than two weeks. A Dec. 17 statement said McCain was looking forward to returning to the Senate in January, but it appears unlikely he will make it back to Capitol Hill before the Senate reconvenes Wednesday.

"Senator McCain is in rehab. He's coming back in January, (and) we need his voice now more than ever," said his close friend Sen. Lindsey Graham on CBS' Face the Nation.