Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry


Dustin Lynch Overwhelmed by Invitation to Join Grand Ole Opry

Jodie Sweetin Shares Family Cheer in New Year's Eve Photo

While the many celebrities were ringing in the new year with friends, Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin was celebrating with her family.

In the photo, Sweetin can be seen hanging out around her family Christmas tree with her daughters and another woman.

They're all holding glasses of what is presumed to be sparkling grape juice, as Sweetin is a recovering addict.

In a caption Sweetin wrote, "Happy New Year!! May this year be full of gratitude, love and new experiences for all of us!" She then added the hashtag "#2018herewecome."

Many of her followers took advantage of the opportunity to show their support and wish her a Happy New Year back.

"Happy new year!! Me and my mom watch Full House and Fuller House all the time," one fan wrote.

"Love this picture [Jodie Sweetin] I hope you guys had an incredible trip and a great new year celebration," another said.

Many of followers wanted to share how much they appreciate her acting and how much they love Fuller House, which is summed up by the fan who wrote, "I have enjoyed season three of Fuller House !!I It makes me laugh reminds me of the I love Lucy show ! it has been best Comedy I have seen in years!! It makes me laugh and there is so much love there also !! I am looking forward to next season!!"