Watch Selena Gomez Film Herself Dancing Around in Silk Robe

Apparently, even Selena Gomez 'fangirls' over her own songs.

The 25-year-old pop star released a new video for her song “Wolves” with Marshmello on Thursday, and it’s basically 3:42 of Gomez slinking around in a robe and damp hair.

The music video begins with a text conversation with Marshmello before Gomez FaceTimes the helmet-clad DJ.

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“What are you doing? I cannot stop thinking about our song. Can you just play it?” she asked, and Marshmello obliged.

While the pop single plays, Gomez dances around her Los Angeles home in a pink silk robe, proving she can rock literally anything. She hops on the kitchen counter, kicking her legs around and lip syncing to her own track.

The video, shot on an iPhone with one extended take, shows the singer gliding around her enviable pad before heading outside. She shows off a breathtaking view of the city behind her before jumping on a picnic table and strutting across it.

Gomez’ video of the new hit is seriously sexy, but nothing is hotter than the rekindled connection she appears to have sparked with former love Justin Bieber.

Since the singer split from The Weeknd after 10 months of dating, Gomez and Bieber have been spotted cozying up on multiple occasions, but they wouldn't call themselves a couple just yet.

"Justin and Selena are seeing each other and will continue to be spending time together but haven't described it as an official couple," a source told E! News. "Right now, they are figuring out if it will work again between the two."

Over the past few days, the former flames have been spotted riding bikes, grabbing breakfast and hitting up Bieber's hockey game. After his skate around the ice, Gomez wore his hockey jersey.

"They are just working on their friendship at this point. Justin has always loved Selena and he always will," another source added. "If she got fully back together with him, no one would be a surprised."

Photo credit: Instagram / @selenagomez