Former 'Kevin Can Wait' Star Erinn Hayes Makes Dig on Twitter About Auditions

Erinn Hayes was let go from CBS' comedy Kevin Can Wait after co-starring alongside Kevin James for the show's first season, and it seems the actress got reacquainted with the audition process after the fact.

Over the weekend, actor and writer Seth Morris, who worked with Hayes on Children’s Hospital, tweeted, "Auditions are like assholes....That’s it."

Hayes responded with a light quip, writing, "Doesn’t need anything more."

The actress had revealed in June that she had been let go from Kevin Can Wait, and in July she was cast in Amazon’s The Dangerous Book for Boys.

After Hayes' departure, guest star Leah Remini was promoted to series regular. Remini and James previously starred together on the sitcom King of Queens from 1998-2007.

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Kevin Can Wait star Chris Roach recently told StarShop that he thinks Remini makes James "more funny."

"I thought Erinn and Kevin had great chemistry on season 1, and I would hear people go around and say, 'but you have to see the chemistry between Leah and Kevin? It's undeniable and magnetic,'" he explained, according to E! News. "I didn't really understand until I saw it for myself. When you see it, you're like, 'Ok now I get it.' The two of them together are just magnetic. She makes him more funny."

"It was never personal to kill off Erinn Hayes' character," he added.

Photo Credit: CBS