Usher's Ex-Wife Speaks Out Amid STD Scandal

News recently broke that R&B singer Usher paid a $1 million settlement to a woman who claimed he gave her herpes. Now Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Foster, is speaking out.

Foster, who was married to the "Yeah!" singer from 2007 to 2009, took to Instagram to clear up that she had no part in the STD incident and does not want to hear about it.

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"Do not come on my page discussing rumors or adult people that have NOTHING to do with me," she wrote. "I have been divorced 8 years... Some issues are not my business... ex husbands, ex-friends, b---h-maids, snakes, hoes, characters, etc. Not my circus, not my clowns."

Rumors online have alleged that the woman in question was a former friend of Foster's and a bridesmaid in her wedding. The "b---h-maid" and "ex-friend" identifiers in the post seem to add weight to that allegation.

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After letting her followers know that, she cleared up that she has a clean bill of health and is tired of gossip.

"I'm good and my health (Everywhere is great)," she said, "Well my right knee hurts and I need reading glasses but otherwise I'm awesome and enjoying the sun.

"Miss me with other grown folks crazy gossip.. Not my business at all. I'm living my bestest life. Always. Miss me with the bulls--t. Thank you. Gwan na"

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There were many troubling claims against Usher in the legal documents. The most notable allegation was the fact that he assured his partner he did not have STDs, despite the fact he had a "greenish discharge" oozing from his penis.

Usher seemingly owned up to the allegations as the documents say, "In a series of telephone conversations and online chat sessions, [Usher] has apologized for infecting [her] and told her he would take care of things."

Ultimately, Usher settled the suit on December 28th, 2012 to the tune of $1.1 million.

Usher has not commented on the settlement since the news surfaced.