Brantley Gilbert Explains Why He's 'Terrified' of Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney are two powerhouse vocals in the country music world, however, that’s not what has Brantley Gilbert fears about them.

In an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, Gilbert explains that he is “terrified” of McGraw and Chesney’s workout regime. Gilbert, who says he doesn’t get to work out as much as he likes, was scared straight while watching McGraw’s training first hand during the Two Lanes of Freedom tour in 2013.

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“I’d watch them out the window and start sweating,” Gilbert says. “I used to have nightmares about ([McGraw] knocking on my bus door and telling me it’s time to work out. I’m terrified of that sumb---h, him and Kenny [Chesney] both. … I’d go out there, work out with him about 30 minutes and he’d be out there for eight hours. If you cut that man, Tim McGraw, if you cut him he’ll bleed chrome like dude on Terminator. I ain’t never seen nothing like that in my life.”

Gilbert is currently on tour until September with dates across the United States and Canada. His new singles, “The Weekend” and “The Ones Like Me,” have been skyrocketing on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @djcurtis