'Today's Jenna Bush Hager Announces She's Pregnant with Child No. 3

Jenna Bush Hager is expecting her and husband Henry Hager's third child, the Today show host [...]

Jenna Bush Hager is expecting her and husband Henry Hager's third child, the Today show host announced on Monday's episode.

Less than a week after Hoda Kotb announced she had adopted baby number two, Bush Hager, 37, made her own happy reveal.

She and Hager, 40, are already the proud parents to two daughters, Mila, 6, and Poppy, 3, who sweetly visited the set of the Today show's fourth hour, Hoda and Jenna, on Bush Hager's first day earlier this month.

The baby-to-be will be former president and first lady George and Laura Bush's third grandchild.

Bush Hager revealed the big news by sharing what Mila and Poppy got in their Easter baskets on Sunday. "It's pretty sweet, I don't know if it's sugary..." she said, as co-anchor Craig Melvin sat flabbergasted across the table.

"What are we doing here. Another?!" he said incredulously.

"Yes!" Bush Hager said, smiling ecstatically. "I'm pregnant!"

"And I'm only telling because Mila and Poppy found out yesterday in their Easter baskets," she went on, explaining that, "they told the man behind me on the airplane, they told the people at church."

She said she's going to announce more details, like when the baby is due and the sex of the baby, during the 10 a.m. hour with Kotb, hinting that she is "very" pregnant.

"I'm very pregnant, so I don't know how I hid this. Savannah [Guthrie] knew because we've been jumping around dancing," she said.

"We've been working out together for a long time, so, yes," Guthrie said.

"I've needed seven or eight sports bras to hold these babies in," Bush Hager joked.

"We're thrilled," she said, adding that "it is a shock, it's a lot, but we're grateful."

She said that she was nervous to tell Kotb about her pregnancy, "because we're starting this new show."

"I told Hoda, and I said, 'I'm so sorry,' and she kind of had a glimmer in her eye and lo and behold, we're doing it at the same time," she said, referencing Kotb's latest addition to her family, baby Hope.

"We gotta check the water at this place!" Melvin joked about the Today show baby boom.

Bush Hager wrote about motherhood in an essay for the Today show one year after welcoming Mila.

"Before I became a mother, I thought I knew a lot about children," she wrote at the time. "Then Mila came along, and I've been learning ever since. What a joy and what a journey. It is an incredible experience to watch her grow and develop. Motherhood opens your heart and vision to an experience that links you to every other person in the world."