'Teen Mom OG' Star Cory Wharton Blasts Critics After Daughter's Hospitalization

Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton is blasting critics who chided him for being on vacation while his daughter Ryder was being hospitalized.

Fans of the show were upset with the reality TV star for not being with his child while she was experienced a medical emergency — related to complications of a congenital condition she has called VLCAD — but he says they were out of line and didn't have all the facts.

“Ryder got sick while I was on vacation and once it got worst, I booked a flight home,” Wharton tweeted on Friday, Feb. 22, about his 22-month-old daughter, whom he co-parents with ex Cheyenne Floyd. “At this point I can’t care about everyone one else thinks I know what type of dad I am. I just want Ryder to get better.”

Us Weekly caught up with Wharton, and he elaborated on his criticism of his critics.

“While I rarely respond to public criticism, I felt the need this time to speak up because these claims are simply ridiculous and an attack on my character,” he told the outlet exclusively. “Anyone who has watched Teen Mom OG – and my social media – knows how involved I am in my daughter’s life and in co-parenting with Cheyenne.”

“Ryder is my life, and I love her so much and would never do anything that would have a negative impact on her,” Wharton went on to say. “Anyone who thinks anything of the opposite is an idiot and clearly doesn’t know who I am at all. As soon as I got back from my vacation, I raced to the side of my daughter in the hospital and was there to take her home as well.”


Thankfully, Ryder is doing much better now, as Floyd updated fans and followers on Instagram as to the status of her condition.

"Thank you to everyone who prayed, reached out, & lifted Ryder up. We are home & she is back to running in circles. Our girl is so strong & it’s incredible to me. National Rare Disease day is Feb. 28 lets make an impact," she wrote in a post from Tuesday.