'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham's Glittering Thanksgiving Photo Riles up Social Media

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham posted a sparkling Thanksgiving outfit on Instagram this week, but her followers thought it was a bit much. Abraham was bedecked in jewels and gold for the holiday, and she posted by herself in a lavish black dress. Many fans thought she was missing the point of the family occasion.

Abraham wished a happy Thanksgiving to "families" in her post on Wednesday afternoon. It was a still photo of her holding her hands up as if in prayer, but it was animated so that her many diamonds and her eyes themselves glinted when fans hit play.

Abraham wrote that she herself is "thankful for the time I get with family, some you time & food time!" However, she also used the opportunity to promote her upcoming feature in JMG Magazine, a periodical on "luxury travel, entertainment, fashion, health, fitness, and cuisine from around the world."

It appears Abraham's post was one of the photos from her JMG shoot, as she credited the team there with her makeup, hair, wardrobe and style in the shot. The self-promotion was bit much for some fans, especially when paired with hashtags like "thankful," "peace," "joy" and "turkey."

"What is wrong with you and your face?" one commenter wrote.

"She like a evil Disney character," noted a second.

"But no one cares. You're a nobody who pretends to matter," someone else added.

Abraham made one more promotional post over the holiday, offering fans a promotional code for foot cleaning kits. Meanwhile, her Instagram Story is full of promoted posts and redirects as well, and many fans are getting fatigued by Abraham's non-stop social media hustle.

Since leaving the cast of Teen Mom, Abraham's main outlet for content is still her YouTube channel, where she has about 147,000 followers. She describes herself as a "serial entrepreneur," showcasing products in her videos and vlogs while keeping fans updated on her jet-setting lifestyle with her daughter, Sophia.

However, Abraham is now promoting a new platform as well called Fan Centro. To follow her there, fans must pay a fee of $91.67 per month, or $83.33 per month to see her premium SnapChat posts. It is unclear what Abraham is offering for her "inner circle" of subscribers, but given her history in the adult film industry, and her profile tag "sex symbol," it may be that these are less family-friendly posts.


Abraham has not looked back since leaving the cast of Teen Mom OG, which completed its first full season without her back in August. So far, there is no word on when another season might be coming.