'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Reveals New Photo of Infant Daughter Layne

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska posted a heart-warming photo of her infant daughter Layne on Instagram on Saturday night.

Houska welcomed her third child, Layne Ettie DeBoer, on her 27th birthday back in August. She has been busy taking care of the newborn for nearly two months now, but on Saturday she found time to share a new photo of her bundle of joy.

She posted on her Instagram story on Saturday night as she was enjoying some downtime on the couch with her kids. She first posted a shot of her older daughter, Aubree, and then a shot of baby Layne lying back on the cushions.

(Photo: Instagram @chelseahouska)

Layne wore the kind of pure smile only babies are capable of. Her pacifier sat just beside her on the couch, and she was swaddled in white pajamas with a towel beneath her. After two months, her hair has come in in thick, dark tufts. She appears naturally photogenic enough for the reality TV experience.

Fans fawned over the picture on social media. Before long, it made its way to Twitter, where the reaction was a collective "aww" from Houska's followers.

"She looks like Cole lol," one fan wrote, referring to Houska's son. This sentiment was echoed by many others.

"You have such lovely smiley happy babes x," wrote another person.

Houska had a hard time with this latest pregnancy. She suffered some complications following Layne's birth, including a Mastitis infection and stubborn weight gain. She was open about these issues on social media, and earlier this month she revealed how she is tackling them.


"I'm slowly but surely adjusting to being a mommy to three and I'm ready to start working on myself again too! I'm so grateful for a healthy pregnancy with Layne that resulted in a healthy weight gain," she wrote. "I have half off already and will work towards getting back to where I felt my best while maintaining a healthy supply to nourish my sweet baby girl. I first started @profile_sanford #ad when I was nursing Watson and I had awesome results, so I'm motivated to do it again!"

Teen Mom 2's upcoming 9th season promises to be one of the most dramatic yet. The show already aired the heated traffic jam Jenelle Evans got into this year, when she pulled a gun on another motorist. Recently, she called 911 to report an alleged assault she suffered at the hands of her husband as well, though she later recanted this story. This will all undoubtedly play into the show sometime soon, though hopefully there is room for more of Houska's adorable smiling babies as well.