Social Media Weighs in on Pink's Daughter Willow's 'Punk Rock' Haircut

Social media is weighing in after Carey Hart revealed that his and wife Pink's 8-year-old daughter Willow had gotten a brand new "punk rock" haircut. The former motocross rider, who welcomed Willow with Pink in 2011, took to Instagram on Sunday to praise his "strong, fierce, [compassionate], and caring" daughter and her bold decision to shave a portion of her hair.

"Loving my punk rock daughter," he wrote alongside a photo of the haircut in progress.

"Remember everyone, fly your own flag," he continued. "There is no box to be put in. It's better to be your own self. Own it, and love it. And if anyone has a problem with it, tell them (politely) to move on. Cant wait to see the woman you grow up to be. I have a feeling you are gonna be strong, fierce, [compassionate], and caring. I'm so proud of you, Willow."

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The photo generated plenty of buzz, with the comments section filling with hundreds of messages, many fans praising the couple's decision to allow their daughter to express herself so freely.

"There's no one that flies that flag better than your amazing wife—so it's not shocking your daughter does the same!" one person wrote. Absolutely love your family and all the barriers you break because they should've been broken a long time ago!"

"I love anyone who is raising strong, smart, independent girls who are totally comfortable in their own skin!" wrote a second. "Keep up the great work!!!"

"The love and support you guys show your kids is top of the list and it's what she'll remember and return to when life gets nuts," another commented.

"You're raising such a bad ass young lady!!" added a fourth. "You're letting her be her own person and that's the best thing you can do as a parent. Good for you two."

Of course, as it is with social media, not everyone had a positive response to the new 'do.

"Got a feeling the kid is flying the parents flag," one person criticized. "Sorry bud. Just calls em as i sees em."


Hart and his wife are no strangers to backlash when it comes to their parenting decisions. They have been the target of such frequent attacks over everything from letting their children play in the water to letting their son pose on a motorbike, that they have addressed the critics directly on a number of occasions.

In mid-August, Pink even started a "MISS ME WITH THE BULLS–T CHALLENGE" in which she encouraged everyone to "go ONE day without criticizing someone online."