Singer Ben Kweller's 16-Year-Old Son Dies in Car Accident

Singer-songwriter Ben Kweller shared some heartbreaking news on Instagram on Tuesday – his 16-year-old son Dorian has passed away. Kweller did not disclose the circumstances of Dorian's death, but TMZ reports that it was a car accident. Fans of Kweller and his various music projects are commenting their condolences during this unthinkable tragedy.

"There's no way that I can be typing this but I am... Our son, Dorian Zev Kweller, was killed last night," Kweller wrote in a post on Tuesday morning. Kweller, 41, shared Dorian with his wife Liz Smith Kweller, and he did not mince words as he described the entire family's mourning. He also described his son's virtues, writing: "He was only 16 and he was a true legend. Kindest, gentle soul, a friend to all. If you knew him, you know."

"We'll never get over him as long as we're here on earth. Please keep his spirit alive with your memories and the music he made," Kweller went on, and here he linked his son's Instagram page, where fans can find videos of Dorian making music and links to his music online. Dorian was scheduled to perform at SXSW 2023, and his debut album Hickeys was released just last week under the stage name Zev.

"Dorian Zev wrote and recorded songs every day," Kweller wrote. "A true poet from the day he started speaking. Only a few of his recordings were released but he was on a path and excited about his journey. He had so many plans!!!"

On a more personal note, Kweller continued: "My last text with him was about the merch he wanted to make. My baby boy was at the starting line with so much life ahead of him... I have no idea why things like this happen. We're in complete shock and don't know what the future holds. Lizzy, Judah, and I have no idea how to deal with this disaster. Thank you for your prayers and support and we apologize if we are slow to respond to messages."

Kweller is best known for his work as a solo singer-songwriter, though he began his career in the 1990s with various bands. His most recent album, Circuit Boredom, came out in 2021, but his contributions to Dorian's album are his most recent releases. Hickeys by Zev is streaming now on Spotify and most major music apps.