Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Shares Video of Ultrasound With 'Dr. Luna'

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's 4-year-old daughter Luna is prepared to take on more than just [...]

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's 4-year-old daughter Luna is prepared to take on more than just her duty of big sister as the family awaits the arrival of the couple's third child. On Monday, Teigen took to Instagram to share an adorable video of her most recent ultrasound, with little Luna stepping in as "Dr. Luna" to lend a helping hand.

In the post, the soon-to-be mom of three admitted that she's been experiencing a bit of "anxiety" amid her pregnancy, quipping that "on weekends we freak out." She said that "before I'm able to start feeling the kicks, the anxiety gets the best of me and any little bits of spotting or pain freak me ouuuuuut." She added that thankfully, despite her worries, "as my little Luna embarks on her very first sleepover tonight, another little one makes some big growth moves of their own. all is well." Teigen also shared the video to Twitter, where she revealed that her daughter, whom she dubbed "Dr. Luna," has an interest in veterinary work. She joked that the toddler "mainly wants to work on animals but she feels like I'm pretty similar these days."

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As fans flocked to the comments section to react to the sweet clip, Teigen also took to the comments to further open up about her pregnancy. Teigen wrote that she believes "there should be vanity ultrasound places." Teigen said that while her "doctor is so generous about giving pics," others "rush you along." She joked that she wants "a full in vitro photo shoot experience where I cough and wiggle to get the best alien baby shots lol."

Already parents to both Luna and 2-year-old son Miles, Teigen and Legend announced in mid-August that they are expecting their third child. They confirmed the exciting news in Legend's music video for his song "Wild," which saw the family walking a beach together before it cut to a shot of Legend standing behind Teigen, both of them resting their hands on her stomach. Teigen later shared the video on Twitter, writing, "beautiful surprise."

Teigen and Legend married in 2013 in Italy, welcoming Luna in April 2016 after being conceived through IVF, and Miles in May 2018. The couple had long expressed a desire to expand their family to a family of five, with Legend telling PEOPLE in November that parenthood "deepens your love for your partner because you see them in a different light going through, in our case, the trouble of actually having a kid."