Pink's Husband Carey Hart Slammed for Letting Infant Son Ride on Dirt Bike

Pink's husband Carey Hart was criticized for letting their son, Jameson Moon ride on a dirt bike before their infant turns 2 years old.

On Sunday, Hart, a former pro racer, shared a gallery of photos from a family visit to Castillo Ranch, a private motocross family in central California. One photo shows Pink and their daughter Willow Sage driving their own dirt bikes. Pink is even wearing a shirt reading "Mama Hart" on the back.

pink son on dirt bike instagram corey hart
(Photo: Instagram/Carey Hart)

"Awesome day riding motorcycles w/ the family [at Castillo Ranch]," he wrote. "Jamo is dirt bike crazy, and got to take him on some fun rides. Willow and mama [Pink] were charging the track. Love days like this!!!!"

However, the most controversial photo showed Hart sitting on his motorbike with Jameson in front. Both Hart and Jameson were wearing helmets, and Hart predicted he would get some blowback from fans.

"Jamo has his race face on," Hart wrote. "Don’t worry parent police, I’m a professional." He also added the hashtag "Be A Dad Not A Fad."

While Hart warned his fans not to jump on his back about the photo, many did not listen.

"How bloody irresponsible can you get eh???? Fancy riding with your boot buckle undone," one person wrote.

"Nice eye protection for the kid," another added, since Jameson was not wearing a mask on his face, to which Hart replied, "Move along."

"Does he have protective gear too?" another person added.

One person called Hart "so irresponsible," but that was just misdirection for a post ultimately praising Hart.

"You should be put in jail!!! So many things wrong about this... 1) So many boys sad cause their dad is not as cool as Carey Hart 2) so many dads angry cause they are not as cool as Carey Hart 3) So many women sad and angry cause their husband and father of their children is not even close to be as cool as Carey Hart," the person wrote.

Others defended the photo, while others used Hart's post as a venue to share their own memories with their parents or children.

"Nothing wrong with this. We have done this with our kids and now grandkids. Spending time with family, having fun, clean air, learning skills. F– the busy body haters," one person wrote.

"When I was little I couldn't wait for my dad to come home from work. I'd hear his bike coming and I'd run out to the driveway. He'd scoop me up, put me up front and we'd go around the block. No helmet law back then. But some of the best memories," anther Instagram user wrote. "Keep making those memories!"

"My dad put me in front of a motorcycle with his best friend," another recalled. "No helmet! Loved every minute of it too. Your (sic) a great dad and mama pink is the best!!!"


Jameson is already quite the adventurer, as Hart has shown on his Instagram. He even celebrated his first birthday by joining his dad snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain in California. Jameson celebrates his second birthday on Dec. 26.

Photo credit: Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Autism Speaks