Pink's Husband Carey Hart Responds After Being Shamed for Letting Son Ride Dirt Bike

Carey Hart will not take parenting criticisms lying down. The former professional motocross competitor shared a few images from a dirt biking adventure with his 1-year-old son Jameson ahead of his second birthday.

"Jamo has his race face on," Hart captioned a photo with laughing crying emojis. He got a jump on the inevitable "parent police" who would be commenting on the picture. "Don't worry parent police, I'm a professional. #BeADadNotAFad," he wrote.

In the photo, Hart sits on the dirt bike behind Jameson, who he shares with wife Pink.

(Photo: Instagram / @hartluck)

Many of the racer's 900,000 Instagram followers took to the comments section to criticize him for allowing his child on a dirt bike, especially as some said the child wasn't properly protected.

When one commenter sarcastically wrote, "Nice eye protection for the kid," Hart replied, "Move along."

(Photo: Instagram / @hartluck)

In another post, Hart shared a slew of photos of the family having fun, revealing that Pink and their 7-year-old daughter, Willow, were also hanging out. "Awesome day riding motorcycles w/ the family @castillo_ranch. Jamo is dirt bike crazy, and got to take him on some fun rides. Willow and mama @pink were charging the track. Love days like that!!!!"

In the photos, Jameson rides on Hart's bike, while Pink rocks a "Mama Hart" jersey and Willow rocks full head-to-toe getup on her own bike.

(Photo: Instagram / @hartluck)

Hart and Pink often speak out against critics of their parenting. In August, Hart shared a photo of Jameson at a restaurant when the 1-year-old had hand foot and mouth disease. After he was criticized for taking the child out in public with a contagious viral infection, he wasn't afraid to clap back.

"What's your point? You think I let my kids eat off other people's plates?" he replied. Then, to another, he said, "Yeah, my judgement was a result of another woman's judgement on my child. But hey we can go in circles all day. I suggest you go find a page that posts and talks about embarrassing kids being quarantined and treated like lepers!!!!"


In that same month, Pink unleashed a fury on paparazzi after she was discharged from an Australian hospital after being treated for a gastric virus while on tour. When paparazzi members began snapping photos of her on a beach, making it appear that she postponed tour shows so that she could relax on the beach, she had a few choice words.

"That's a warning to paparazzi. You might actually see me walking upright outside of my hotel room cage with two little children, and another warning: I might even smile. Not too much, though. I'll try to control the smiling."