Mercedes 'MJ' Javid in the ICU After Giving Birth: 'Still Hasn’t Held Her Baby’

Mercedes "MJ" Javid is suffering some serious postpartum complications after giving birth to son, Shams Francis, Wednesday.

The Shahs of Sunset star has yet to hold her baby, husband Tommy Feight said in an Instagram video Thursday, requiring a lengthy surgery after birth and treatment in the intensive care unit.

"The night my son was born was the worst night of my life," Feight explained a video. "My wife had a ton of complications. She was in surgery for, like, five hours. [The doctors] didn't tell me nothing, but they're amazing … They saved a life. She's still in ICU. She still hasn't held her baby yet, [but] that should probably happen later today."

Regardless of the difficulties surrounding the birth of his son, the new dad is staying positive, closing the video, "Everything's great. I'm the happiest guy on Earth," emphasizing in the caption, "Pinch Me. If you find someone else happier then me they're lying."

He even managed to inject a little humor into the concerning video, joking that his son is just like his mom "in a tanning bed now with glasses on, no joke. ...He couldn't be more like his mother if he tried. She went spray tanning before we went to the hospital."

The Bravo couple announced in October 2018 that Javid, 46, and her husband were expecting their first child after marrying in April.

Javid was open about freezing her eggs before they wed and undergoing IVF when they were looking to have a baby. Things were pretty "uneventful" she said in a video from her hospital bed in December 2018, until she had to undergo a cervical cerclage surgery, which left her on bed rest while recovering.


"It's been a pretty uneventful pregnancy until this week and now we're just feeling like we're in pretty good hands," Javid said in the video. "It's gonna be bed rest for awhile."

Photo credit: Instagram/MJ Javid