Mark Wahlberg Reveals Rare Photo With Daughter Grace

Mark Wahlberg made an uncharacteristically personal post about his daughter on social media this week.

Wahlberg keeps things pretty professional online. The acclaimed actor promotes projects and worthy causes, and rarely shares personal photos on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. However, he made an exception last Saturday after a special night out with his 8-year-old daughter, Grace Margaret.

"Daddy-daughter dance last night with my little princess," he wrote alongside a picture of the duo. He included a princess emoji and a red heard, while the image showed Grace in a glittery dress and track jacket, with red lipstick on. Wahlberg crouched down to eye-level for the selfie, wearing a simple black sweater.

Many fans responded with photos from their own daddy-daughter dances, remarking on how much fun they had. All the parents agreed that "they grow up too fast," and Wahlberg was right to cherish the memories while he can.

Wahlberg has a particularly close relationship with Grace, one of his four children with model Rhea Durham. The 8-year-old is an enthusiastic horseback rider, and Wahlberg is her biggest supporter. The 47-year-old actor has been spotted at many of her equestrian shows, including one last September where she won first place.

Wahlberg's celebrity friends are fans of Grace as well. Last month, Philadelphia 76ers forward Jimmy Butler sat down for a joint interview with Wahlberg in Interview Magazine. While the two are very close, Butler was quick to grant the "best friend" title to Grace herself.

"You've spent probably five years trying to win over my daughter's friendship, literally going by yourself to watch her horse-riding competitions," Wahlberg said. "Now you've become friends."

"That's my best friend in the world, I'm not gonna lie," Butler said earnestly. "Once she trusts you, she's on your side."

Butler also revealed that it was Wahlberg who encouraged him to take a part in the comedy Office Christmas Party last year. Butler said that after he outgrows his basketball career, he wants "to get into the movie scene."

"It was the one I thought you were going to be in, and then, when I showed up, you weren't there," he added.


"Oh, that was a miscommunication. My fault. I'll put you in one of mine, don't you worry," Wahlberg answered.

The actor has three movies on the way, including a crime drama titled Wonderland expected out later this year. The movie is currently listed in post-production, though no release date has been announced yet.