Madonna Shares Thanksgiving Video With All 6 of Her Children

Madonna stunned fans with a giant family portrait on Thanksgiving, including all six of her children. The pop star posted a video on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse of how they spent the holiday. While many were glad to see the family all together, some were concerned that they were not taking coronavirus precautions seriously enough.

Madonna and her family were in their best formal wear in the video, which documented them trying to get organized for a group photo in a time-lapse setting. The whole scene was set to Nina Simone's song "Love Me or Leave Me," and Madonna wore a shimmering floor-length dress, with her hair dyed pink and her lipstick a dark, matching shade. While trying to get the right show, her kids separated, came back together and got distracted, but the pop star did not seem bothered by any of it.

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"So happy for you to spend the holiday with all of your babies," one follower commented, while another wrote: "you built a wonderful family."

Madonna shared other Thanksgiving posts as well, revealing that her Thanksgiving consisted of dancing, music, games and fine clothes. Her posts showed people rocking out to the stereo or playing instruments together, clips of soccer games and chess matches, and lots of of suits.

Through all of it, however, some fans worried that Madonna's Thanksgiving was not entirely safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. Fans wondered if all of these people lived together, or if any had to travel to get to the celebration. They worried that no amount of precautions could have made a gathering of this size safe, even with Madonna's extensive resources.

The CDC urged Americans not to travel during Thanksgiving, though many did so anyway. According to a report by The Associated Press, public health officials are now bracing for a major surge in new COVID-19 cases, and some government officials are finally listening to them.


The AP reported that Los Angeles County imposed a new stay-at-home order for residents, while Santa Clara County shut down sports for schools and colleges. Similar restrictions are taking place in Hawaii, New Jersey, and other areas, but frustrated critics are asking why the leaders of these communities did not act before Thanksgiving rather than afterward.

For the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the CDC and the World Health Organization websites.