John Stamos: 'Full House' Star Reveals Rare Photo of His Son Billy

John Stamos is loving fatherhood doing all he can to bond with his 11-month-old son, Billy.

(Photo: Instagram / @johnstamos)

Stamos took to Instagram on Saturday to show a weekend activity he was conducting with Billy. The father-son duo were gardening together, with the Full House actor being watched by the toddler.

The photos shows Stamos in a white button-up shirt and blue gloves, holding a trowel in one hand and Billy in the other. Billy is shown barefoot in the dirt, observing what Stamos is doing.

Stamos sweetly captioned the shot, "Sowing the seedlings of love."

More than 109,000 people have liked the photo, including his Fuller House co-star Candace Cameron Bure.

This shot of Billy is a somewhat rare occurrence for Stamos' account. He has expressed hesitance to share his son's image online. After his first time posted photos with the infant, Instagram users shamed him for various reasons, including the way he held Billy in the shot. He then swore off adding new photos of Billy, but this gardening moment was a clear exception.

“I've only put him on barely once, on mine, and I got so baby shamed about how I was holding him or whatever I said, 'That's it!'" Stamos told Entertainment Tonight back in October. “[You] want to share your happiness with the world. But you know there's a lot of critiques out there.”

Stamos, 55, has been more than open about his love of fatherhood. In fact, he even teared up while discussing Billy on an October Live With Kelly and Ryan appearance.

"I miss him," He said. "This is the longest I've been away from him. ... I've been waiting my whole life for [fatherhood]. I'm so happy, I'm so happy."


Stamos recently appeared in the Netflix series You in a recurring role. He is also expected to return for the final season of Fuller House, but he will be without his on-screen wife, Lori Loughlin, who was fired following her recent indictment in the college admission bribery scandal.

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix